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Medication Administration

1). IV medications 2). Oral medications 3). Intramuscular and subcutaneous medications

  • 1 hour
  • Dallas

Service Description

Medication administration by a nurse at home involves the safe and effective delivery of medication to a patient in their home setting. It is typically performed by a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, and may involve the following steps: Reviewing the medication order: The nurse will review the medication order to ensure that the correct medication, dose, and frequency have been prescribed. Preparing the medication: The nurse will prepare the medication according to the instructions on the medication label or as prescribed by the healthcare provider. This may involve measuring out a liquid medication, counting out pills, or opening capsules. Checking the medication: The nurse will check the medication to ensure that it is the correct medication, dose, and form. They will also check the expiration date and look for any signs of damage or contamination. Administering the medication: The nurse will administer the medication to the patient according to the prescribed route, which may include oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous administration. They will also document the medication administration in the patient's medical record. Monitoring the patient: After administering the medication, the nurse will monitor the patient for any adverse reactions or side effects. They will also assess the patient's response to the medication and document any changes in their condition. Educating the patient and family: The nurse will provide education to the patient and their family on how to properly store and dispose of the medication, as well as any potential side effects or interactions with other medications. Follow-up: The nurse will schedule follow-up visits to monitor the patient's response to the medication and make any necessary adjustments to the medication regimen. Overall, medication administration by a nurse at home requires attention to detail, knowledge of medication administration techniques and safety protocols, and effective communication with the patient and healthcare team.

Contact Details

  • Dallas, TX, USA

    214 607 5251

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